AHPBC: Senate Concurrent Resolution 25 Improves Ohio Green Building Policy

Washington (Jan. 28, 2014) – The American High-Performance Buildings Coalition (AHPBC), an organization of leading associations representing a wide range of interests in the building and construction industry, today praised Ohio Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 25. The bill’s cosponsors, Senator Joe Uecker and Senator Tim Schaffer, made the case for their resolution to strengthen green building policies used by Ohio state government in today’s Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing on SCR 25.

The AHPBC issued the following statement:

“We applaud Senators Uecker and Schaffer for their commitment to ensure that green building ratings systems, codes or standards paid for by Buckeye State taxpayers are smart, balanced and fair and that they are consistent with state energy efficiency and environmental performance standards,” said AHPBC member and Chairman, CEO and President of Columbus-based Momentive Performance Materials Craig Morrison.  “Green building is an important goal and one we strongly support.  The sound approach to green building policies as laid out in SCR 25 urges Ohio’s leaders to rely on effective green building systems that do not come at the expense of wasted tax dollars or jeopardize economic growth and Ohio jobs.  The citizens of Ohio deserve nothing less.”

“With the right policies in place, Ohio can achieve our green building goals with increased energy efficiency, better building performance and sustainable outcomes with real results without jeopardizing the livelihoods of Ohio workers,” continued Mr. Morrison.  “On behalf of the AHPBC, the makers of trusted, proven, and beneficial materials used in building and construction products and the thousands of Ohioans employed by them, I urge the Ohio Senate to pass SCR 25.”